Lynda Goldman and the Great Organics Brownie Deception

Like you, I’m a woman, a mom, and I recently became a grandmother to a baby boy.

My two daughters and the baby are the joys of my life, and one of my biggest reasons for doing what I do. I’m also a self-confessed “health nut”.

I attribute this to my mother, who always inspired me to try to make the world a better place.

My mother was a housewife, but “stay and home” doesn’t describe her at all.

You could generally find her marching in the streets with a big sign protesting nuclear war, or leading a local not-for-profit organization called STOP, for “Stop pollution now.”

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As a young mom, I worried a lot about my children’s health. (I guess it’s part of my genetic heritage.). I became reawakened to environmental issues because I recognized that taking care of my family means taking caring of our planet.

After all, we can’t be healthy unless we have clean, nutritious food to eat, pure water, and fresh air to breathe.

I gave talks at my children’s school on why we should save the planet from pollution – to a group of skeptical parents who couldn’t quite understand why I was so fired out about saving the whales, and the waters.

The Great Organic Brownie Deception

To this day, my daughter’s biggest gripe about me is the day I “deceived them”.

They always complained that they didn’t get the “good stuff” like chips and cheeses that other kids got in their lunches.

One day they discovered chocolate brownies in their lunch bags! They were delighted that I’d finally “gone over to the other side,” and given them something good to eat, (or to trade with their friends).

Their amazement turned to dismay when they bit into the brownies, only to discover they were made of carob!

To this day, they never let me live this down.chocolate brownies Funny how  things change.

When my daughter became a mom, she suddenly turned  into me.

Now that the baby is starting to eat real food, she calls me  daily about finding organic produce, and the best ways to  prepare them.

New Hope for Healthy, Organic Products

As a copywriter, I help organic, natural products companies market and sell on the web. I chose this industry because, after years of writing about software, human resources, or other topics that I didn’t embrace, low and behold – a new industry had been developing right under my nose.

Far from the hippie days, the industry has grown up. Expo East attracts an astounding number of suppliers – 30,000! And Expo West in California is double the size – 60,000 attendees!

And these are industry suppliers – it’s not even open to the public. This shows you how the organic movement is flourishing.

Companies wouldn’t be developing these products if you don’t buy them. We truly speak with our dollars, so every time you buy an organic product, you are, literally, putting your money where your mouth is.

Organic Manifesto – We Need to Work Together for the Next Generation

Girl with plantThis newsletter is my organic manifesto to you. I believe passionately that we have to do everything we can to make the world a safe and healthy place for our children and for future generations. I’m only one person, and so are you.

But all of us, together, can demand organic.

And together, we can be a powerful force in healing the planet.

Are you with me?

Lynda Goldman, editor and publisher


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