Lynda GoldmanLynda Goldman

Lynda Goldman is the proud founder of Healthy Organic Woman, the leading online magazine and website for inspiring women to take control of their health.

As a copywriter in the natural health industry, Lynda’s clients include integrative health doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, health coaches and natural health companies, giving her access to the latest information from experts in the field.

Lynda is the author of 32 books by 3 major publishers. Her latest book is called Fresh Customers Daily: 50 Secrets to Marketing and Selling Supplements and Natural Products.

A seasoned speaker, Lynda has presented at Natural Products East and West, Natural Beauty Summit New York, and Canadian Health Food Association.

She has two daughters, Tara and Andrea, and a baby grandson named Milo. She lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband John and a fluffy white dog named Rock Star.

In Healthy Organic Woman, Lynda shares her passion for eating healthy organic food, inspiring readers to “live their best lives.”



Julie DanilukJulie Daniluk RHN

Julie Daniluk, Nutritionist, RHN, hosts The Healthy Gourmet on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), a reality cooking show that highlights the ongoing battle between taste and nutrition. Her first book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, advises on allergy-free foods that both taste great and assist the body in the healing process. Julie has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and is a resident expert for the Marilyn Denis Show and Reader’s Digest. Check out more amazing recipes, nutrition tips and her Anti-Inflammatory Quick Start Program at, connect on facebook at Julie Daniluk Nutrition and through Twitter @juliedaniluk.



Lorna VanderhaegheLorna Vanderhaeghe MS

Lorna Vanderhaeghe, MS, is a women’s natural health expert and has been researching nutritional medicine for over 30 years. With degrees in nutrition and biochemistry, she is the author of eleven books including A Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones and A Smart Woman’s Guide to Weight Loss. She is also an internationally known lecturer who educates people on how to combine the best of mainstream medicine with scientifically backed nutrients and diet changes to achieve optimal wellness. She has a free monthly newsletter and her website – – has over 4,000 pages of helpful nutrition information along with FREE books.



Dr. Russell FaustDr. Russell Faust MD PhD

Dr. Russell Faust is an award-winning physician-scientist, author, and entrepreneur.

He is the author of the blog,, with over 15,000 unique visitors per month. He was a founding contributor to the medical care site,, and is contributing author to several blogs. Dr. Faust is CEO and founding partner at Sacred Herbals.

Dr. Faust interprets technology and social media to a variety of audiences through keynotes, blog posts, articles, retreats, and workshops. advisor and founding expert for several tech- and biotech-startups, including HealthTap, and FairCareMD; he is also guest Faculty at Oakland University School of Business, Executive MBA in Healthcare Program, where he lectures on branding and social media in healthcare. You can visit Dr. Faust at



Dr. Hana R. Solomon MDDr. Hana R. Solomon MD

Dr. Hana R. Solomon, pediatrician, suggests “Let’s talk about your nose.” With over 25 years of experience as a physician and advocate of disease prevention, her book, Clearing the Air One Nose at a Time, Caring For Your Personal Filter, is a virtual owner’s manual for the nose. She is president of BeWell Health, LLC and creator of the patented nasal wash system, Dr. Hana’s Nasopure. Published on Medscape’s,, Alternative Medicine, Naturopathy Digest, and other health-related publications, Dr. Hana is noted in magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Health, Natural Solutions, Woman’s World, Parents, Pregnancy and Newborn, LA Family, and The Wall Street Journal.



Jamie HerbstmanJamie Herbstman MBA

Jamie Herbstman works as a Holistic Health Counselor. Realizing that eating healthfully on the go can be a challenge, Jamie guides her clients in finding great tasting packaged brands that are all natural, preservative and additive free. Jamie is also the founder of The Conscious Foods Network, a community of individuals supporting the notion that supermarket foods can and should be made with the highest quality ingredients. Can’t we have our taste, our health and convenience too?

Jamie holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Learn more about her work at and



Lisa LentLisa Lent

Lisa Lent is the founder of Oxylent, a unique blend of high-quality essential nutrients that enables the body to function at peak levels. Her passion for health began in 2000, when she developed multiple clots while flying internationally for work. She knew her lifestyle was a contributing factor and began the search for the ultimate supplement to support her well-being. What was initially created for those who love to travel, has become the ultimate nutritional supplement for everyday life. Oxylent is an award-winning multivitamin used by athletes, moms, pregnant women, and kids, packaged as an effervescent multivitamin drink that tastes delicious. Find out more at



Dr. Jill CarnahanDr. Jill Carnahan MD

Dr. Jill Carnahan is dually board certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She founded the Methodist Center for Integrative Medicine in 2009. As Integrative Medical Director, she uses functional medicine to understand the cause and treatment of complex, chronic disease and biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel ill.

Dr. Carnahan’s integrative holistic approach to wellness uses both conventional medicine and evidence based complementary therapies, focusing on the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. In her therapeutic relationship between physician and patient, she seeks to give her patients a full range of healing options with an emphasis on healthy living, nutrition, and disease prevention. Find out more at



Dee BraunDee Braun

Dee Braun, Doctor of Reflexology, is a single mother of six children. She has advanced certifications in aromatherapy, color and crystal therapy, homeopathy, Reiki, sound therapy, herbal medicine, and flower remedies

She has used natural healing therapies both in her work and for her friends and family for nearly 20 years. In addition to her own therapy practice, she has worked professionally in the internet marketing field of herbal and homeopathic remedies for the last eight years. You can visit her at Natural Holistic Health



Lisa BestLisa Best MBA CCN PhD

Lisa Best Holistic Nutrition and Certified Clinical Nutritionist is CEO at Healing With Nutrition. She’s the creator of Health Tip of the Day iPhone and Droid app which provides natural and easy health tips with a holistic flair – and gets over 200,000 downloads. She also created Health Tips Weekly, a more detailed weekly report on current (hot) health issues. She provides nutritional phone consultations with a special focus in weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS, Autism, and cancer diets.

She’s the mother of 3 children; two Duke University grads and an eight year old. She home-schooled all three at various times. Lisa loves the Holistic approach of combining mind, body and spirit. She believes that excellent nutrition is the key to longevity and wellness, and that it’s vital to analyze and adjust your diet when illness strikes. To find out more, please visit



Chef Alain BrauxChef Alain Braux

Chef Alain Braux is an award-winning executive chef and award-winning food and health author at

Chef Braux is the executive chef and nutrition therapist at Peoples Pharmacy in Austin, TX, as well as running his health food consulting private practice at A Votre Santé – To Your Health.

You can also find him on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.



Cassandra FrazierCassandra Frazier

Cassandra Frazier is the author of  The 1-Minute Mindset Technique, Coconut Oil Cures and Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss:  The Easiest Weight You’ll Ever Lose While Achieving Your Best Health Ever and is the Editor of Healthy Weight Loss Journal.  She makes her home in Northern California with her husband Ron and her two children and has a passion for exploring healthy nutrition and fitness.  Her healthy recipes, and motivational and exercise tips are published on her blog at



Ashley LookerAshley Looker

Ashley Looker is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Coach. She supports, educates, and motivates women to live their best lives through creating loving relationships, reducing cravings, increasing energy, and finding balance, love, and self-compassion. There is so much conflicting health information out there, and together we create a step-by-step health and happiness game plan that works for YOU. I absolutely love what I do! Writing keeps me sane, reading keeps me calm, yoga keeps me balanced, and great music puts a huge smile on my face! I am passionate, loving, and so grateful for getting to do what I love. Find out more at:



Merry Lycett HarrisonMerry Lycett Harrison

Merry Lycett Harrison is a trained clinical herbalist and a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, with an herbal practice in Salt Lake City.

Merry’s numerous articles on herbs and their historical use have been published in local and national magazines including HerbalGram, the Journal of the American Botanical Council. She has been a guest on radio and television programs that inform the public about botanical medicine. Dedicated to the understanding, wise use and enjoyment of herbs, she teaches classes in medicinal and culinary herbs, herb gardening, and leads summertime herb trips in the wild. You can visit her at: Millcreek Herbs



Chrisi SantanaChrisi Santana

Chrisi Santana, an Integrative Health Coach, is passionate about helping people achieve balance in their busy lives after personally experiencing the challenge of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

She received her training at Duke Integrative Medicine’s Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Florida. As a professionally trained partner in your success, Chrisi’s goal is to help you achieve optimal health. Find out more at



Jennifer SeitzerJennifer Seitzer

Jennifer Seitzer is a Wholistic Recovery Coach, Reiki Level One Practitioner, and Certified Crystal Healer. She is also the owner of Nutrition for Addiction. Jennifer helps recovering addicts take their recovery to the next level through health & wellness practices. Using a multi-level wholistic approach to recovery, clients are able to heal the body, mind and spirit from the devastating damage of addiction. You can find Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well as visiting her website, Nutrition for Addiction.


Erica LawrenceErica Lawrence

Erica Lawrence is a qualified naturopath who is passionate about food as medicine & the healing power of nature. She uses herbal & nutritional medicine to restore balance, provide nourishment at a cellular level & identify the root cause of illness.

Erica believes laughter is (one of) the best medicines and that de-stressing is the most important element to a healthy life.

She implements both traditional and evidence-based research and when not treating clients enjoys nourishing her online community, making a mess in the kitchen, practicing yoga and sampling craft beer. To find out more, visit Erica Lawrence Naturopathy



Lanna PotterLanna Potter

Lanna Potter is a cookbook author, model, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the creator of website “Light and Easy Vegetarian by Lanna Potter”, where she shares her whole food, plant-based recipes, articles and videos on weight loss and healthy aging.

Lanna holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Having lost over 40 pounds herself, Lanna is very passionate about inspiring others to reshape their bodies and confidence with a plant-based diet and fitness. To learn about her cookbook “Light Asian Salads – Quick and Healthy Vegetarian Recipes” and her weight loss tips, visit



Robert LambertonRobert Lamberton B.Sc.

Robert Lamberton B.Sc. works with Health Care Professionals as a Functional Medicine Consultant and formulator of professional nutraceutical products.
He has a passion for finding out how to optimize health and sharing this information with the general public, to help empower them to take control of their health enhance their quality of life.
He is a proponent of the Paleo/Ancestral Diet, and believes that if you feed your body the food it needs (both in the form of a healthy diet as well as key supplements) that you will enable the body to heal itself.
He regularly posts articles on key health topics on his holistic health blog: Holistic Health Info



Kristy BreenKristy Breen RN

The Wellness and Cravings Coach for Women 

Kristy has been an RN for over 20 years. She has seen both sides of the health and wellness spectrum and knows first-hand that nutrition and lifestyle is our first line of defense against disease and illnesses. 

Kristy specializes in food cravings, hormone imbalances, low energy, and weight loss for women. Her goal is to empower women with the right information to improve their health and wellbeing one bite at a time.

She loves making green smoothies and healthy raw desserts. She is also a wife and mother who adores her family. Visit Kristy and sign up for her bi-monthly newsletter at


Lauren Jane HellerLauren Jane Heller

Lauren Jane Heller is an award-winning writer, an adventurer, artist and mother. Creator of Travel Food Family, a blog about traveling the world and raising kids in an environmentally-conscious way, she also contributes to eco-minded publications and is working on a travelogue about her family’s four-month road trip around North America. The rest of her time is divided between practicing yoga, creating objects with clay and having adventures with her family. She is passionate about real, delicious food and holistic health, growing veggies in urban gardens in her neighbourhood in Montreal, and cooking up delicious recipes that exclude wheat, dairy and refined sugar.



Julie MondorJulie Mondor

Passionate about cooking, Julie’s pantry and refrigerator are full of healing organic ingredients! As Editorial Intern at Healthy Organic Woman, Julie Mondor is pleased to learn about the workings of an inbox magazine. She’s also happy to take her passion for writing and align it with her growing interest in living a healthy, organic lifestyle.

Julie’s sense of curiosity, paired with an analytical mind, makes her a resourceful researcher who gets to the bottom of any unfamiliar subject. An occasional freelancer, she’s created web content, brochures, bios and press releases for companies or individuals; written profiles of restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and nightclubs for city guides; and contributed features on art, music, food and health to many print and web publications.


Karen CreightonKaren Creighton

Karen Creighton is a natural health practitioner with nearly three decades of experience in the field. “My journey started on a quest for my own health. I was suffering from chronic fatigue, and as I started to improve I decided to continue learning. I studied many different modalities, always searching for root causes of Dis-ease. After owning and running clinics in the UK we moved to New Zealand. I now specialise in weight management, (this has been a challenge of mine since my early teens and I wanted to get to the root causes). We now have a very successful programme with many satisfied customers worldwide.” Karen has her own range of magnesium oils and weight loss products and programs . Find out more:



Susan D. Meyer CAMSusan D. Meyer CAM, President CortiSLIM International

Susan D. Meyer earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Calgary, Canada.In addition, she earned a Professional Designation of “Certified Administrative Manager”, is a Red Cross Instructor and also a Health & Safety Auditor. Prior to joining CortiSLIM, Ms. Meyer earned numerous prestigious sales awards at ADP Canada.
Ms. Meyer has written articles and has been interviewed for several magazines, as well as appearing in a Discovery Channel special.
Now Susan is dedicated to the mitigation and elimination of diabetes and obesity worldwide with CortiSLIM International. Find out more at:



Kim GrustasKim Grustas

Kim Grustas, as the founder and owner of Good For You Girls natural skin care for girls, has committed her career to helping girls feel good about themselves while keeping them away from hormone altering chemicals during a crucial time in their bodies development. As a mom of two daughters, she started the line because she could not find any products she felt were safe, effective or age appropriate for her own girls. Kim knows first hand how hard it can be to raise naturally conscious kids. Hygiene is a natural part of growing up so why not show our daughters that the right choices today can mean a healthier future. Find out more at:



Caren BurmeisterCaren Burmeister

Caren Burmeister was seeking an alternative to the constant adrenaline rush of newspaper journalism, and retired after 21 years in the industry to seek a life of greater joy and health. In 2011, she launched her own company, Second Nature Skin, to help people achieve radiant skin through plant-based personal care products. She is enjoying growing her business and taking time for yoga, meditation, relationships and writing of a different kind. Find out more at:



Savannah MarieSavannah Marie

Savannah Marie is a health and wellness enthusiast. She is the editor of her blog, Mixios (, which focuses on health, wellness and business. She is an avid runner with a passion for running as many races as possible. When she isn’t running or writing, she is in the kitchen creating healthy and delicious recipes.



Connie TrowbridgeConnie Trowbridge

Connie Trowbridge works as a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Writer. Inspired by her own health crisis, Connie decided to devote her life to becoming an authority in the Health and Wellness community. Her mission in life is to guide others in achieving their Health and Wellness goals through easy and realistic measures. She is the creator of the highly anticipated “Lifestyle Transformation Academy”, where she will be able to empower people on a national level. Connie received her education and certification from the largest nutrition school in the world, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. To learn more about her tips for holistic health and the “Lifestyle Transformation Academy’ visit her at



Amy D. CohenAmy D. Cohen BFRP

Amy D. Cohen, BFRP, is a Practitioner For Emotional Health, specializing in relieving anxiety and depression to help people move forward in life. Amy is a Certified Practitioner, accredited teacher, and speaker on taking control of our lives. She studied at the NY School of Homeopathy and has since formulated an award winning, all-natural body care line to calm negative emotions and enhance positivity! She provides consulting worldwide by telephone and Her Emotional Health and Wellness Products are available at Email; Skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667.



Lori Popkewitz AlperLori Popkewitz Alper

Lori Popkewitz Alper is a recovering attorney and the founder and editor-in-chief of Groovy Green Livin, a site dedicated to sharing simple green living tips and current information on sustainable living. A contributing writer for multiple blogs and websites, Lori speaks, writes and advises on a variety of issues related to creating a greener lifestyle. She also works with a variety of clients as a social media consultant. Lori has been featured on ABC World News, Boston News ABC and CBS and featured in the Huffington Post, Boston Globe, CNN, Woman’s Day, LA Times, Yahoo! Shine, Care2, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News. Connect with Lori and Groovy Green Livin on Facebook, Twitter @groovygreenlivi, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, or LinkedIn.



Dr. Kristy AndersonDr. Kristy Anderson

Dr. Kristy Anderson is a licensed physician in Arizona. She currently lives in Albuquerque, NM where she practices integrative medical. She focuses on pain management, environmental toxicities, GI health and lifestyle wellness coaching. Dr. Anderson has studied and traveled in Europe and trained stateside with world-renowned physicians on Biopuncture, mesotherapy, various injection techniques, integrative oncology treatments, immunotherapy education, homeopathic medications and specific pain management techniques. She brings her patients global knowledge and the latest developments from around the world to help bring about health and knowledge. Learn more at:



Karen GilmanKaren Gilman

Karen Gilman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been dedicated to healthy eating for more than 25 years. She is passionate about helping others eat well and love what they eat. After a career in marketing, most recently at North America’s largest natural health foods company, Karen decided to pursue a career in nutritional consulting. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2011 where she received the diploma in Natural Nutrition. Karen is also a certified food handler and a member of the C SNN Alumni Association. Karen has a wealth of knowledge about plant-based diets, food preparation and balanced nutrition. Karen is available for personal consultations and meal planning sessions at Pinewood Natural Health ( She offers nutrition information workshops as well as hand-on cooking workshops. Visit her website



Melissa RolfeMelissa Rolfe

Melissa Rolfe is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist at Elixir Natural Medicine. Her goal is to educate and empower clients to take control of their health through nature’s power, with organic wholefoods, herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutrition. Melissa creates a partnership with her clients so they become active in their own healing and gives practical tools through workshops and talks. When not in her clinic you’ll find her in her organic garden amongst the horses, chickens and dogs where she ‘walks the talk’ of living in tune with nature and the seasons. You’ll find her at



Adelina MoisanAdelina Moisan

Adelina Moisan is a health and fitness enthusiast who writes about women-related issues on the website She aims to teach women how to love themselves and take care of their bodies. She is passionate about everything organic and healthy, and wants to share this passion with others who are eager to change their lifestyles and become the best version of themselves.



Elyse WagnerElyse Wagner

Elyse Wagner helps individuals create a unique recipe for health and happiness using nutrition and positive-psychology principles. Wagner earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Nutrition & Dietetics, and holds a dual Master’s degree in Nutrition & Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University, the nation’s recognized leader in natural health education. Sign up for her free tips to create delicious health and a life you love at My Kitchen Shrink.



Dorit PalvanovDorit Palvanov

Dorit Palvanov is a registered holistic nutritionist who specializes in kids nutrition and immunity. Her mission is to help moms and kids realize that recurring infections, colds, flu, poor sleep, behaviour issues, dry skin, eczema, skin rashes, etc, are a result of a weakened immune system, and can be totally reversed and strengthened through nutrition. Dorit’s goal is to see as many healthy kids and happy moms as possible, and her clients are living proof of that! Dorit’s website ( is loaded with useful information for young moms, to help boost your kids immune system with proper nutrition, so they don’t get sick even when everyone around them does.



Emma OjehomonEmma Ojehomon

Emma Ojehomon (The Skin Food Therapist) is a Natural Skincare Consultant, Author, Trainer and a Human Rights Lawyer. Her mission is to teach people to tap into nature’s resources by making their skincare products from food ingredients. Emma’s book, Nature’s Prescription is available on Amazon. Emma created a course on Skin Food Products Training and is a College Lecturer on this subject in the United Kingdom. Emma hand-makes skincare products from natural food ingredients and has her range of edible skincare products. Connect with Emma on her Blog: and website:



Nick HoinsNick Hoins

Nick Hoins is a writer and freelance gardener. He has been growing his own organic gardens in different states for 10 years. Nick’s new smart guide, How To Garden Organically is available now with, and showcases many tips and how-to’s on creating organic gardens. Nick also loves writing fiction and his short stories have appeared in Aurora Wolf and Rethink Creative Group. He enjoys blogging about our wonderful world at Nick wants to spread the word on the benefits of laughter and healthy living! When he was younger, Nick wanted to be a squirrel.



Julia SchopickJulia Schopick

Julia Schopick is a public relations consultant, patient advocate and health writer. When her husband Tim was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in 1990, Julia found several innovative treatments that helped keep Tim alive for 12 years beyond the doctors’ expectations. Shockingly, doctors expressed little interest in these treatments, and some were openly hostile. This led Julia on a path of teaching patients to find innovative treatments, such as Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Intravenous Alpha Lipoic Acid, the Ketogenic Diet, and Silverlon which she describes in her book HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases. She provides informative on her website and has appeared on hundreds of radio programs to talk about the treatments in her book. She also conducts coaching and teleseminars to educate the public about LDN. Find out more at:



Brun MJ BaileyBrun MJ Bailey

Brun MJ Bailey is a Naturopath, Inter-Faith Minister and owner of Bailey’s Wellness Ministry. She became a writer at the age of nine years old. She first started writing recipes which were published in the book, “The Potpourri Of Cookery”, the sixth edition in 1978. She then began writing children stories and poetry when she was thirteen years old. After a long sabbatical she started writing more ferociously in 1996.

Dr. Brun MJ Bailey is a published poet and writer of all genres. Her repertoire includes being published by several wellness magazines, vitamin retail outlets, healthcare practitioners and holistic health journals. She currently writes her own blog The Nature Well which is located at and has also published several E-books of poetry.
She currently resides in New York where she practices Naturopathic Healthcare.


 Sandy de RoseSandy DeRose

Sandy DeRose is an anti-aging expert who has done research for more than 20 years, working alongside a world-renowned doctor in the field.

She has been involved in every aspect of anti-aging and spent years in the trenches developing skincare products and supplements, so she knows time-tested ingredients that work.

Anti-aging technology is at its peak and Sandy clarifies what works and what doesn’t. Her latest book, “Ten Years Younger Recipes for Your Face: No Blender Required” has become immensely popular in a short period of time.

Get her cutting-edge secrets in her book + FREE Anti-Aging@home newsletter here: Anti-aging Naturally




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