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Chrisi Santana“50 Shades of Organic provides well written, easy to understand information on the benefits of eating organic foods. Lynda provides valuable tips on eating organic within any budget. Even if you consider yourself well-versed on organic foods, I bet you will learn something new when you read this report. I look forward to the Healthy Organic Woman newsletters, and am thrilled to have found a place for all of us to share information and make the world a healthier place for both ourselves and our children.”
Chrisi Santana, Integrative Health Coach
Lisa Lent“Healthy Organic Woman is a magazine that shares my like-minded beliefs. A magazine that is here to better our planet and our lives.”
Connie Trowbridge, Holistic Health Coach
Lisa LentWorking with Lynda has delivered fantastic results for my business. Not only have her expertise and strategies worked wonders, but her professionalism and responsiveness have also made it a joy to work with her!
Lisa Lent, Vitalah®, creators of Oxylent®
Dave photoLynda’ s combination of unique attributes – enthusiasm, expertise, and experience – have helped me focus and harness my energies and ideas. The early results have exceeded my expectations.
David Scheiderer, MD, MBA, DFAPA
Risa SchulmanMarketing to this industry takes a special know-how, which many companies are trying to figure out. Lynda is the go-to person for copywriting in the natural products industry.
– Risa Schulman, PhD, Functional Foods/Dietary Supplements Expert
Daniel LohmanLynda has a unique ability to provide solutions to a complex subject in simple, easy to understand language.
Daniel Lohman, organic Industry Strategic Advisor
Expertise at its best and results second to none, I am proud to say I have worked with Lynda. Every time I read Lynda’s work that she has done for me I have a big smile on my face. Do your clients/customers a favor and let Lynda help you. – Paul Gill, Naked Coconuts

“Thank you for your wonderful newsletters!  Even if there are articles in them that may not directly apply to me, I can always find something of value in reading them.” – Mary Davies


Lynda….Absolutely WONDERFUL information!!!! I was going to glance at your “5 Myths” article and oh my goodness, hours later, I was still reading and printing your information. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of your information. I felt like I had discovered a “Gold Mine” of such helpful information that can be used across the board, i.e. in other businesses/organizations. I plan to use your information and direct others to your website so they can also benefit from this wealth of marketing knowledge. THANKS A MILLION!
Joy Atheria
Great article Lynda – it will be very useful when working with clients. It is a great explanation of the need to define a market position, plan a strategy, and establish a timeline for each component before launching an online marketing campaign.Also – thank you for your newsletters – super ideas for increasing success online. I recommend that everyone subscribe.
Linda Upton
Your weekly blog posts are an inspiring way to keep my writing fresh. Thank you!
–  Elizabeth Cooper – Website Coordinator / Creative

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