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Healthy Organic Woman – Inspiring a Healthier YOU

How to be healthier: for you, your family, and our planet

Are you a young mom, baby boomer, grandmother, somewhere in between (or even a guy)?bigstock_attractive_young_adult_coverin_18902018 (3)

As women, we are often the decision makers for ourselves, or families, and our partners – especially when it comes to health.

We choose and prepare the foods that nourish our family, and scout out the best healthcare providers, supplements, and household products that affect us and our loved ones.

That’s why this newsletter is dedicated to you!

If you want a healthier life for yourself, it all starts with us – supporting companies that create and sell products that help us thrive rather than contribute to disease.

I know you are overwhelmed with choices, and conflicting advice on what to buy and do.

Who can you trust? How do you know what’s real, and what’s hype?

Healthy Organic Woman stands for HOW:

How do you choose the best healthcare provider for you?

How do you know which supplement you really need?

How do you feed your family healthy food without breaking your budget or cooking all day?

Hands healing the planet


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About Healthy Organic Woman (HOW)

If you're a woman who is passionate about being healthy, Healthy Organic Woman (HOW) magazine is for you!

Everything we eat, drink, breathe and do is connected with our planet's health. Our goal is to educate and inspire you to make our world healthier, and protect our ourselves, our families and future generations.

Alone, we may feel powerless, but together we can vote with the choices we make. Are you with me?

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50 Shades of Organic

50 Shades of Organic

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Healthy Organic Woman


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